Fischli & Weiss

The title “Les Fleurs du Mal” (The Flowers of Evil) stems from a volume of poems bearing the same name by Charles Baudelaires, devoted to the boredom and world weariness suffered by the anonymous urban dweller.

This type of “ennui” is also encountered in the film by Fischli und Weiss “Der geringe Widerstand” (Low Resistance). A rat and a bear play a type of detective story here in the American art world. In “Der rechte Weg” (The Right Path) the rat and bear set off on a walking journey. Both films were shown next to the series “Equilibres” and “Fotografias” in Halle 9. In Fotografias, mythical creatures and animals appear in dark landscapes. In the 7 exhibited photographs of the “Equilibres” series, the artists explored how tools, chairs, pots or adhesive rolls can be stacked and brought into balance.